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Item ID Category Item Name Price(US$) State
120403  Wheelchairs  2006 Dodge Ram 4x4 Quad Cab Accessible with photo   35000  NV 
120437  Wheelchairs  2014 PERMOBIL C500 VS STANDER, Drive Standing, Seated, or in any Position with photo   24151  CA 
120937  Wheelchairs  Quantum power Wheelchair with video   20000  CA 
120392  Wheelchairs  Permobil k/c300 power wheelchair   18000  ME 
120323  Wheelchairs  Permobil C300 Power Chair   17500  CA 
120472  Wheelchairs  4x4 Wheel Chair with photo   13500  NV 
120636  Wheelchairs  Quantum Q6 Edge PWC/Full Power with video and photo   13500  PA 
120737  Wheelchairs  2014 Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Power Chair with video and photo   10000  CA 
120845  Wheelchairs  permobil Trax Off Road Chair with photo   10000  PA 
120404  Wheelchairs  Brand New TANK CHAIR with photo   9950  NV 
120419  Wheelchairs  Permobile c Base corpus g   9500  IL 
120760  Wheelchairs  Permobile 350 with video   6300  CA 
120813  Wheelchairs  Permobil C300 Power Wheelchair with Tilt with video   5995  NC 
120911  Wheelchairs  PERMOBIL C300 Power Tilt, Recline, 10'' Elevate with video and photo   4900  CA 
120835  Wheelchairs  2014 per mobile M300 with video   4500  CA 
120562  Wheelchairs  Invacare TDXSP with photo   4000  CA 
120563  Wheelchairs  Permobil C300 with photo   4000  CA 
120584  Wheelchairs  Quickie QM-710 SC with photo   4000  CA 
120414  Wheelchairs  Invacare TDX Power Wheelchair with photo   3995  CA 
120824  Wheelchairs  Quantum Q6 Edge 2013 with video and photo   3900  CT 
120788  Wheelchairs  Permobil M300 - 2014 (July) with video   3800  GA 
120919  Wheelchairs  BALDER WHEEL CHAIR LIKE NEW!! with video and photo   3800  CA 
120666  Wheelchairs  Invacare Powerchair TDX-SP with video and photo   3600  CA 
120373  Wheelchairs  quike p200 modified with photo   3500  AZ 
120540  Wheelchairs  Hoveround MPV5 Model with photo   3000  MD 
120581  Wheelchairs  PEDIATRIC SPREE POWERCHAIR   3000  MA 
120712  Wheelchairs  Power wheelchair. with video   3000  OH 
120428  Wheelchairs  QUICKIE 525 WITH TILT with photo   2500  CA 
120491  Wheelchairs  KD Smart Chair - Foldable Electric Powered Wheelchair with video and photo   2295  FL 
120520  Wheelchairs  Invacare TDXSP power wheelchair with tilt function with photo   2000  CA 
120548  Wheelchairs  Alltrack M Power Wheel Chair with Power Tilt with photo   2000  GA 
120699  Wheelchairs  2 Invacare TDX Power Wheelchair with video   2000  CA 
120972  Wheelchairs  INVACARE TDX-SP Elevate,Recline,Tilt with video and photo   1995  CA 
120741  Wheelchairs  Sunrise Quickie QR7 with video and photo   1500  FL 
120339  Wheelchairs  2010-2011 Permobil M300 Corpus 3G with photo   1200  FL 
120559  Wheelchairs  Quickie 2 Lite with photo   1000  FL 
120806  Wheelchairs  Invacare Storm TDX with video and photo   1000  CA 
121035  Wheelchairs  2012 ActiveCare Medalist P22 Power Chair with video and photo   825  CA 
121026  Wheelchairs  Invacare M-51 Pronto Electric Wheel Chair with video   795  CA 
120836  Wheelchairs  PERMOBIL CHAIRMAN 2K POWER CHAIR with video and photo   750  CA 
120739  Wheelchairs  Used Inventory Sale of Power Wheelchairs & Custom Manual Wheelchairs with video and photo   650  FL 
118101  Wheelchairs  Pre Owned Wheelchairs   500  VA 
120443  Wheelchairs  iBot - stair climbing wheelchair   500  WA 
120385  Wheelchairs  Permobil M300 with photo   Not Specified  CA 
120818  Wheelchairs  Excellent wheelchair with video and photo   Not Specified  NY 
120848  Wheelchairs  Permobile street rear wheel drive power wheelchair with video   Not Specified  PA 
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